Developing the website

Following an analysis of the "Medical Equipment, Systems of Water Code, Professional and Laboratory Equipment" was reached an arrangement with the project contractor - Maycom Ltd. to carry out a complete redesign on the company's website and to set up a number of activities, related to SEO optimization.

The actual work on developing the new site has begun after the final approval of the overall redesign and site functionalities.

The new site has been developed on the content management system developed by the Rona Soft team.

Steps in the manufacture of the website

  • Web site designs tailored to customer's views
  • Segment analysis, both in Bulgaria and abroad
  • Developing functional and complying with the customer's requirements
  • Presentation of the design
  • Development of the site
  • Testing, quality control and uploading the site on a server
  • Initial SEO optimization
  • Website monitoring

Project images