LadyCare - Healthy products

Website development

LadyCare Lifetime Ltd. is a British company that invents, manufactures and implements cutting-edge, natural and healthy products. LadyCare Lifetime manufactures everything according to the latest world standards in a factory in Bristol, UK.

For the team of Digital Agency RONA SOFT it was a real challenge to develop a design and some specific functionalities for our Assignor.

As part of the LadyCare Lifetime Ltd. family, we had to combine in one the corporate spirit of the other web projects of the company and the idea of ​​originality and uniqueness of the design of the Bulgarian e-shop.

We paid special attention to the creation of a specially developed e-shop, including the "Quick Purchase" function, as well as a unique search system - "search engine".

The actual work on the code building began after the final acceptance of the overall design and functionality of the site.

The product is built on the Content Management System, developed by the Rona Soft team.

Steps in creating a website

  • Website design in accordance with the client's views
  • Development of functional and in accordance with the requirements of the client
  • Presentation of the design
  • E-shop with the module "Quick purchase"
  • Special search engine, displaying the found results in tabs grouped by type
  • Testing, quality control and uploading the site to a server
  • Monitoring of the site throughout its existence

Project images