Vista ABT AD

Site development

Vista ABT AD is one of the leading commercial and distribution companies of high quality consumer goods in Bulgaria. For Ronna Soft's team, it was a real pleasure to develop design and some specific client functionalities on this web project.

The company had a very clear idea of ​​what the corporate vision of the new web site should be, while we had to keep something from the previous website.

Especially for Vista ABT AD, we have developed and integrated two specific modules - "careers" and "contacts".

We have carried out an analysis of the presentation of similar companies in the country and abroad. We present a concept for approval, which to best satisfy the requirements and specifics of the company's activities!

The actual work on the development of the new site has begun after the final approval of the overall design and functionalities of the site.

The product is built on the content management system developed by the Rona Soft team.

Steps in the manufacture of the website

  • Web site designs tailored to customer's views
  • Development according to customer requirements
  • Presentation of the design
  • Testing, quality control and uploading the site on a server
  • Developing SEO tailored site for better ranking in search engines
  • Site monitoring all the time of its existence

Project images