Professional care and maintenance for your site

Once a website is set up and created on the web, care and maintenance of its content and technical condition is of paramount importance. In many cases, this process is overlooked from the website owners, which leads to a visible abandonment of the website in search engine rankings and the loss of audience and positioning. We offer technical and information maintenance for your site. Then you get security and reliability, because the site will be constantly online and will work properly. The health of the site will be monitored. Monitoring for sites developed by RONA SOFT is by default. Emails created to your domain can also be monitored to ensure the proper functioning of your email service, including the creation of new accounts, and updating current emails.

Essential for an evolving website is one that presents new and interesting content to your readers. In our subscription we have included activities such as editing and adding new news content, blog topics, updating and adding products, services, etc.

In addition, the following services may be included in the maintenance of your website:

Adding, editing, copywriting and SEO of articles, services, news and products;
Provide the required quota for your emails when you are close to running out of your quota;
Professional entering of content with the necessary titles and description in accordance with SEO standards;
Preparation of new pages and subpages;
Preparation of articles with unique content;
Promotion on social networks;
Creating additional backup copies to recover information from previous dates as a result of unforeseen incidents;
Monitoring of all services necessary for the normal functioning of your website and e-mails