Online marketing

Attracting more users to a website, e-shop or other web projects online is a long and complex process. We need the right strategy, an excellent advertising plan, advice and new ideas. Internet marketing, also known as web marketing, online marketing, digital marketing or e-marketing can be defined as the promotion of a brand, product or service on the Internet. Effective customer reach and brand building is an essential part of achieving a successful business. Online marketing is a tool that helps build a company's online popularity. An excellent tool for generating sales through various advertising strategies and platforms. We at RONA SOFT are convinced, respectively following the principle that marketing should not be primarily a cost, but an investment in your business for its development. A condition for this is the preparation of a successful marketing strategy, including the precise identification of the goals and objectives of the campaign, as well as the most effective way to achieve them.

Defining the target audience and sending the right message to it is a key point in the marketing strategy. Creating high quality content will attract more visitors. Suitable for this purpose are the integration of sharing buttons on social networks, blog articles / news /, e-books, video or audio interviews, etc., which will intrigue your audience.

Marketing strategies and tools

  • SEO optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising, for example on Google
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Marketing through quality content - involves the creation of a variety of types and formats of content that is useful to consumers
  • Email marketing
  • Web design - very often your site is the first interaction with your business. This means that you have to make awesome first impression
  • User-to-customer conversion optimization or so called conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Reputation management - this is a great way to interact with users by following users' comments on their Facebook page
  • Influencer marketing

Бenefits of Internet marketing

  • Online marketing is extremely cost-effective

    In online marketing, consumers are already looking for your services and products, so you don't waste money on users who aren't interested in them. What's more, you can target your ad very precisely to specific users by their location, age, gender, interests, and more.

  • Its effectiveness is easy to monitor

    Digital marketing can be easily tracked by using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and many more depending on the target group of users. Continuous monitoring, evaluation and testing of your campaigns will help optimize your strategy to get the most out of it. This tracking will help maximize the return on investment.

  • It increases brand awareness

    Online marketing will allow you to expand your reach and increase the popularity of your brand. Through your popularity, more users will learn about your service and products, recognize your brand and ultimately trust and recommend you to their friends and family in the future.

  • Generate more revenue

    Digital marketing strategies are ultimately aimed at increasing your revenue. By optimizing your marketing campaign, you will reduce costs and increase your return on investment. Because digital marketing is an investment in the future and its sole purpose is to raise revenue.

Marketing and support

If you do not have the time, technical knowledge or staff to create, develop and maintain a profiles of your business on social networks.

We offer you:

  • analysis of your business, to determine in which social networks will be best to create profiles
  • creating profiles for your specific needs
  • properly configuring it according to your business goals
  • management / information maintenance of a social profiles
  • management / information maintenance of your website;

We can help you or do whatever it takes to create and maintain your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

  • The largest group of users in the country waiting for your message - Facebook advertising!

    We provide assistance in organizing Facebook advertising campaigns such as:

    • We provide you with the necessary information about Facebook advertising and how it works;
    • We analyze the chances of success of your website with it;
    • If necessary, we make adjustments to the site for a better results from Facebook ads;
    • We inform you in advance of the expected results;
    • We create an account if you don't have one and set up your campaign;
    • We monitor the campaign and take the necessary actions;
    • We inform you and discuss the results with the necessary frequency;
  • There is nothing better than a direct connection with potential customers of the goods or services you offer.

    Facebook chat allows you to chat directly with users of your site using Facebook Messenger.

    Every user of your site will have the opportunity to contact you and exchange messages in real time without leaving the site.

    The only condition is to have a company Facebook page and each of your employees who has logged in to your company account will be able to answer users' questions.

  • The most successful Google Ads ad in the world at the moment, but only if it is conducted correctly!

    We help you with Google Ads advertising:

    • We provide you with the necessary information about Google Ads, explaining what it is and how it works
    • We assess whether your website would be successful with it
    • We inform you about the possible results in advance
    • We prepare a detailed plan and clarify the goals
    • Create an account if you don't have one, organize and set up your campaign
    • We monitor the campaign and, if necessary, take the necessary actions
    • We inform you and comment on the results with the necessary frequency

When all available marketing tools and strategies are used properly - they really work and are measurable.