Website design and development

Every business needs a quality website with design on a professional level. But how much and in what do you have to invest to achieve the desired effect?

Why is it necessary to have a website?

Users searches for information about a product or service on the Internet. This is the first contact that the user and a prospective customer will see. Your website is the face of your company. A company's website must have the necessary information so that the user can make an informed decision. In the eventual interaction with the site, the user to make the desired action - order, call or enquiry. Your site should be useful and help your work.

We at RONA SOFT have built and are constantly updating our own website content management system, which allows us to be extremely flexible in terms of the product we will offer to our customers, while remaining independent of the requirements and restrictions imposed by other platforms like Wordpress. What this means - the client receives, respectively pays, only what he considers necessary to be present in his new web site project, without being obliged to receive the whole package of modules.

In addition, at some point, he is free and has the opportunity to develop his website, wishing to include new software modules, pages or functionalities in the already developed site.

Website design includes


When enquiring about the development of a website, the price of the offer you will receive includes domain, hosting and hosting support. Separately receives warranty support for your site for 1 year from the date of uploading your website online.

Development of mobilefriendly website

You get a website that can be viewed equally well on different devices with Internet access, regardless of their size or screen resolution. The development of adaptive design is essential for a pleasant and easy viewing by users, which at the same time is one of the conditions for good site positioning in search engines such as Google, Bing and others.

Here you can read more about adaptive design.


With us SEO Website optimization is included in the website development service. We perform everything necessary for the initial optimization of the site for search engines (Google, Bing and others), which is mandatory for the success of each site. This includes best practices such as placing the necessary metadata for social networks and search engines, structural data and others. We strive for the initial positioning to be as best as possible. This of course depends on the competition, quantity and quality of the site content.


Along with creating a website, you also receive your own company e-mail with mailboxes to your website domain name (for example:

By developing your website you receive


Includes all modules in the CMS requested by the customer. The whole site is built on the content management system, which is RONA SOFT's own development. It includes the ability to constantly change the content of your site, even through mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. This allows you to keep the information on the site up to date, even when you are away from the office.


We use up-to-date technologies and methodologies that ensure the security of the information on your website.


The administration of the system is entirely in English with the possibility of other languages. The system is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. In addition, you will have at your disposal detailed documentation built into the system.


We offer technical and information support on the developed website, as we know that your time is valuable. You will not lose contact with us even after the completion of the project.

Stages in creating a website

The process of creating a website is a combination of creativity and intellectual work of designers, programmers and web specialists on the one hand and the ideas, desires and goals of the client - on the other. To describe the process of creating a website, we will have to look at the stages it goes through.

  • Defining the goals of the website

    Before starting the actual development of a website, it must be clarified what is his purpose and what it will be intended for.
    There are several types of sites - presentation, sites designed for e-commerce - e-shop, sites with maintained catalogs of goods or services, complex corporate sites, purely informational, personal, sites for specific marketing campaigns (landing page) and others. At this stage, the client states his specific need, his vision of the expected results, the concept of his presentation on the Internet and the target user groups. Our role is to identify the specific needs in full and to offer optimal options for their implementation.

  • Plan for the development of the website

    A complete plan is made, what the website will look like, what will be its functionality, graphic layout and design, what will be its navigation, what information will it contain, etc. At this stage, sample texts, photos, presentations and any other materials to be integrated into the conceptual design are discussed.

  • Preparation of the structure of the website

    During the implementation of this stage, together with the assignor, the following elements of the structure of the future website are defined and accepted for implementation:

    • number, format and type of pages on the site
    • availability of specific functionalities on the site
    • according to the availability of materials, to organize the navigation of the site for desktop and mobile devices
    • distribution of available materials depending on the type of page.
  • Defining the graphic part of the website

    The colors of the website are determined, the fonts that will be used, effects are selected, the location of the main components of the site is commented. The subject of discussion are also such details as the location of the company logo, where the navigation menu will be located and whether it will be horizontal or vertical, the type and design of the navigation buttons and others. At this stage, the home and internal pages are graphically created.

  • Website development

    Approved homepage and internal page designs and other website components are being developed. Presentation information is entered to check the defined locations and vision of the various elements on the site, as well as the proper functioning of the elements in the user (frontend) part and administration (backend) part.
    Updates are made to the site after feedback from the client. A complete inspection of the site is performed again and provided for review by the client.

  • Entering media materials on the website

    The information provided by the client (text or photo material, other audio-visual materials), which will be published on the site, is entered in the designated places on the web pages of the site. If the site is an e-shop and you have the products in a file such as xml, json, excel spreadsheet or others, we can automatically upload available information.

  • Technical tests

    After the development of the site is completed, a series of tests are conducted for quality control. An overview is provided of how individual pages are visualized across different browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone and Android. The speed of website is tested, as well as the functioning of the individual elements separately and in their technical set.